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Hello, my name is Swapnil and I am the designer and creator behind Little Desirez Jewelry LLC. My desire is to create the true essence of woman in my designs. The feminine woman is an array of colors, yearnings and secrets. I seek to bring elegance, sensuality, and confidence into the feminine image.

Taking a break from my corporate career after having my daughter in 2013, I decided to pursue a passion I always wanted to try my hands on but never got the opportunity to since life kept getting in the way - Jewelry Designing! I spent months learning the craft, pricking, poking and cutting myself with pliers and wires and thought my love for jewelry designing was a one-time thing that would wear off with time.

When friends pushed me to sell my handmade pieces, I thought 'Duh, are you kidding, who the hell is going to buy this?' I thought it to be beginner's luck when I sold my first piece & said 'Ya ok I'll only take notice after selling at least 10 pieces!'. I sold 30+ custom handmade designs that short, time to wake up & take notice! ;)

After months of jewelry designing lessons, photography lessons, material treasure hunting & a zillion other tasks (including managing a super active growing monkey at home!), my dream project 'Little Desirez Jewelry' was born! Fast forward today, my handmade designs have been ordered by women, brides and bridesmaids in more than 40 countries around the world! You can also check all my designs on my Etsy store which has 1200 sales with 300+ reviews.

A big Thanks to two of my biggest inspirations who made this happen: my darling Mom for giving me an ounce of her creativity and my super mischievous 3 year old daughter for giving me so much of her time & for always being my little Elf helper!

Thank you for visiting Little Desirez Jewelry,



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